A 19th Century Reflector Plate

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A 19th century French cast iron ‘fire-back’ reflector plate destined for the back wall of a fireplace, to reflect the heat back into the room. The large heraldic coat of arms France with its crown and “fleur-de-lys” is centred below the motto, “Seul Contre Tous” (alone against all). This motto was coined by the french King Louis XIV when several European countries created a coalition to oppose him. The date of 1678 at the base of this plate refers to Louis XIV’s victory over the city of Gand (now Ghent), in Belgium. Area of Isle de France (Greater Paris), circa 1860.

Condition report: In good and original condition, presently with a sooty and rusty patina.

Dimensions: 55 x 53 cm.

Status: Sold



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