An English 8-Inch Terrestrial Globe

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An early 20th century English 8-inch terrestrial Atlas Globe by “W. & AK Johnston” of London and Edinburgh, fitted into its turned walnut stand and cradle, decorated with a printed Zodiac scale and calendar.
The globe is complete with its fully graduated bronzed-cast iron meridian, and the hour disc at the North Pole.
Printed in Scotland, and retaining the label of the American importer and re-seller, the “Kittinger Company Incorporated Manufacturers”, 1893 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, N.Y.
The globe depicts the world in circa 1929, based on the city of Constantinople in Turkey, which changed its name to Istanbul in 1930. Listing also the Italian colonies of Abyssinia and Italian Somaliland, and ‘Persia’ rather than Iran.
Please note: this globe also lists the little-known, and now defunct, state of Central Australia, which only existed between the years of 1926 and 1931.


Condition report: In excellent, unrestored condition. Retaining most of the warm colours of the maps. Very intact surfaces, with very little wear.

Dimensions: Overall diameter 30 cm, overall height 40 cm.

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